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Sportler profitieren von FORTIBONE

Strong products,
strong athletes

Sport is healthy – but it also puts strain on tendons, ligaments and bones during intensive training and, in the worst case, leads to injuries. Proper sports nutrition can help maintain or even restore tissue structure health, as studies with GELITA’s TENDOFORTE® and FORTIBONE® collagen peptides have shown.


Those who followed the Ironman in Hawaii in October 2018 already know: the favorite Jan Frodeno had to cancel his participation because of a stress fracture on his hip. Such fatigue fractures are caused by excessive stress over an extended period of time. “The athletes train so hard that all the proteins go straight into the muscles. There is practically nothing left for the bones,” explains Dr Stephan Hausmanns, VP Health and Nutrition at GELITA.

Sportler profitieren von FORTIBONE

The result: cracks and fissures appear until the bone becomes so unstable that it breaks. Those most affected are cross-country skiers, gymnasts or footballers, i.e. athletes with an extremely high stress level in the lower limbs. These athletes can particularly benefit from FORTIBONE®.

Small dose, big effect

“Studies in osteoporosis have shown that the GELITA collagen peptide FORTIBONE® not only promotes bone stability and density and halts degradation, but even promotes bone formation. 180 women with reduced bone mass participated in the randomized, placebo-controlled double-blind study. The bone mineral density of the participants – who took five grams of FORTIBONE® a day over a period of twelve months – improved significantly. “FORTIBONE® particularly influences the so-called osteoblasts and osteoclasts, which are responsible for the metabolic processes in the bones. Athletes can also benefit from the enormous effect,” says Hausmanns. In addition, a recent placebo-controlled observational study of 28 patients with various bone fractures showed that they healed faster and better when FORTIBONE® was administered. This study also supports the positive benefits of FORTIBONE® in athletes with fatigue fractures.

But strong and elastic tendons and ligaments are also important for anyone who enjoys sports. This is where TENDOFORTE® comes into play. The collagen peptides stimulate the body’s own production of collagen. In this way they strengthen tendons and ligaments and promote joint stability. A study from Australia proves the effect of the collagen peptide. 20 athletes who suffered from chronic inflammation of the Achilles tendon and could therefore no longer train took part in a placebo-controlled crossover study by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). None of the subjects had responded to the traditional therapies. Ten of the athletes received five grams of TENDOFORTE® per day over a period of six months and completed a specific training program; the other ten athletes received a placebo. The success was not long in coming: Within three months, six of the ten participants in the TENDOFORTE® group were able to resume their running training, and after six months the figure was as high as 80 percent.

starke Sportnahrung

But TENDOFORTE® can do even more, as a randomized, placebo-controlled doubleblind study at the Institute of Sports and Sports Science at the University of Freiburg, Germany, shows. Here, too, athletes took five grams of TENDOFORTE® daily for six months. The 50 men and women who suffered from chronic ankle instability showed a marked improvement. The joint stability of all participants increased by 76 percent, foot sprains decreased by 62 percent, and other injuries by 35 percent.

New perspectives
for manufacturers

What both collagen peptides have in common: As the studies illustrate, just a small dose is enough to achieve significant results. They are also non-allergenic and, importantly, easy to process in a variety of delivery forms. TENDOFORTE® and FORTIBONE® therefore offer enormous potential for manufacturers of sports food. In the future, they will be able to offer professional athletes and ambitious hobby athletes products with which they can specifically improve the health of their bones, ligaments, tendons and ankle joints.



Dr. Stephan Hausmanns
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Award for FORTIBONE®

FORTIBONE®, GELITA’s bioactive collagen peptide won the “Fi South America Innovation Award 2018” in the category “Most Innovative Functional Ingredient”. The award ceremony took place at the “Food Ingredients South America” fair in São Paulo/Brazil in August 2018. ”We are very proud of this award, which honors our innovative strength and our efforts to scientifically prove the effectiveness of our products”, says Claudia Yamana, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Americas at GELITA. “FORTIBONE® is an innovative product tailored to meet the needs of customers in terms of healthy aging.”

Fortibone Auszeichnung
starke Sportnahrung

The Fi Innovation Award is the highest award for Ingredients, Products and Dietary Supplements in South America. In June 2018, FORTIBONE® was already named “Ingredient of the Year” in the “Healthy Aging” category at the NutraIngredients Awards 2018. The latest success came at the end of November with the “Best Functional Ingredient of the Year” prize. The award ceremony took place at the “Food Matters Life” fair in London. The most recent success came at the end of November with the prize for “Best Functional Ingredient of the Year”. The award ceremony took place at the “Food Matters Life” trade fair in London.


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