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Dear reader,

Together we are even stronger: that’s the motto of the cooperation between Winkler and Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen (WDS), Hänsel Processing and GELITA. The three companies are currently in the process of revolutionizing the production of fruit gums: Their jointly developed Fast Forward Process (FFP) technology makes it possible to produce the gums in silicone instead of starch molds. Completely without contamination and much faster than before. Nobody else has elaborated and tested a process in as detailed a fashion as the three companies.


A strong performance is also provided by GELITA’s two collagen peptides FORTIBONE® and TENDOFORTE®. Several studies have proven its positive effect on tendons, ligaments and bones. Athletes in particular benefit from the enormous effects. FORTIBONE® and TENDOFORTE® correspondingly offer manufacturers of sports nutrition outstanding potential. Another plus for FORTIBONE®: The collagen peptide received the “Fi South America Innovation Award 2018” in the category “Most Innovative Functional Ingredient”, and was named “Ingredient of the Year” in the category “Healthy Ageing” at the NutraIngredients Awards 2018. The most recent success came at the end of November with the prize for “Best Functional Ingredient of the Year”. The award ceremony took place at the “Food Matters Life” trade fair in London.

They look simply amazing: cakes with a mirror-finish glaze. Thanks to GELITA® leaf gelatine, these sweet works of art can be created in no time at all. Which cakes in which countries are a delight for those with a sweet tooth? You will also find the answer to this question in this issue of uptodate.

We wish you a lot of fun reading – and a strong new year!

Michael Teppner,
Global VP Marketing & Communication

Stephan Ruhm

Michael Teppner,
Marketing & Communication

Photo: srg

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