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Gelatine mit Kollagen

Photo:Oxana Denezhkina / shutterstock.com


Leaf gelatine with added value

How can a successful product like leaf gelatine be made even better? GELITA tackled this question – and came up with a world first: leaf gelatine with collagen. This innovative product will certainly be to the taste of health-conscious consumers.


GELITA is currently in the process of launching the new leaf gelatine on the market, and the first samples have already been supplied to wholesalers and supermarkets. “Production of the leaf gelatine with collagen is ready to go. At first, we will concentrate on the German market, but we are in a position to deliver worldwide,” says Marwan Teubner, Head of Global Business Unit Retail at GELITA.

Simply soak in cold water, allow to swell, squeeze out excess water, dissolve in a liquid then stir into food. Done! The leaf gelatine enriched with ten percent collagen can be used just like the classic leaf gelatine. The quantity specifications in recipes can also be taken over unchanged. If, for example, six sheets of gelatine are specified for a panna cotta, this can simply be replaced by six sheets of the new gelatine with collagen.

Marwan Teubner
Phone +49(0)62 71 84-2112

Gelita Kollagen


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