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Clean solution

GELITA Interview Dr. Holger Becker

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In 2015, cwTec converted its production to cooling lubricants with NOVOTEC® CL800. What has changed since then? Production has become more effective, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly. And: the employees feel much better.


The company from Hage in northern Germany develops, designs, and manufactures machines, systems, and tools. Their high-quality products and unique solutions are used throughout the world in the tea and coffee industry, in the food industry, and in the cleaning and renovation of sewers. Up until 2015, cwTec used oil-based cooling lubricants in production. “We were really dissatisfied with these substances, especially because inhaling the mist containing mineral oil can damage health over the long term. A few employees were no longer able to do their job as a result,” says Christoph Wenk regretfully. Wenk founded the company in 1991 as a two-man business, and today employs 70 people. Other disadvantages of the oil-based cooling lubricants included high consumption, increased downtimes due to contamination, frequent replacement of the cooling lubricants, and their low durability, which plays a particularly important role in machines that are only used rarely.

“Our experience with NOVOTEC® CL800 cooling lubricant is extremely positive.”

Christoph Wenk, cwTec Managing Director

“We tried all kinds of alternatives but none of them worked. Then I read about GELITA NOVOTEC® CL800 in a mechanical engineering magazine.” Following a field test, Wenk was convinced by the innovative product, and switched completely to coolant lubricants containing NOVOTEC® CL800. “We use the new product in around 30 turning, milling, surface and cylindrical grinding machines, where we process materials such as brass, aluminum, titanium, all types of plastics, and hard, soft and corrosion-resistant steel,” says Wenk, and adds emphatically: “Our experience with NOVOTEC® CL800 cooling lubricant is extremely positive. It was an excellent decision all round.” The work results are outstanding, and the workpieces are clean and dry. “The chips also come out very dry, which speaks for a low use of cooling lubricants, making disposal much simpler and more environmentally friendly.” This is a major advantage, particularly with surface and cylindrical grinding, because it produces extremely fine chips from which the mineral oil contamination cannot be extracted. Wenk was also very positive when it came to the use of rarely used machines: “In the past, we had to replace the cooling lubricant every six months because it had degraded. Now we have been working on one of these machines for two years with the same product.” The fact that cooling lubricants with NOVOTEC® CL800 provide a clean solution is also evident in the production environment. “The oil mist that used to be everywhere is gone. The machine tools, their surroundings and the floor now stay much cleaner.” And what do the employees say? “They were happy because their work has become much more pleasant. Their hands are no longer covered in oil, and the air stays clean.” Wenk wanted to be sure of the latter and commissioned the employers’ liability insurance association to conduct an analysis of the air. The positive result: no harmful substances were detected. After four years, Wenk concludes: “For all companies that machine and grind in particular, I can recommend switching to cooling lubricants containing NOVOTEC® CL800.”

Kuelschmierstoff NOVOTEC CL800Kuelschmierstoff NOVOTEC CL800

In use at cwTec: cooling lubricant containing NOVOTEC® CL800.

GELITA Produktinnovation

Clean result: a steel component made with a cooling lubricant containing
NOVOTEC® CL800, 1.2379 HRC 60 – 62

NOVOTEC® CL800 – the performance additive from GELITA for cooling lubricants

Area of application:
additive for cooling lubricants in metal and plastic processing
protein-based additive
Mode of action:
hydrophilic protein protection film


  • Better workpiece surface quality
  • Clean surfaces thanks to easy-to-clean effect
  • Skin-friendly and biodegradable

Dr. Matthias Reihmann
Phone +49 (0) 6271 84-2538

Photos: cwTec

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