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Mehrwert auf allen Kanälen

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Added value on all channels

Keeping track of new products and developments is by no means easy. This is why GELITA has created a communication mix to keep customers informed. Maria Morganti, Global Marketing WEB, SEO & NEWS, and Natalie Leuwer, Marketing Manager Social Media & Business Intelligence answer questions about GELITA’s website, social media – and the only blog in the industry.

Ms. Morganti, Ms. Leuwer, how does GELITA keep its customers informed?
Maria Morganti:
The key element for all our product and company information is our website, which we update continuously. There we publish news, report on events and new products. Our most important products are illustrated with videos. Visitors to the website can also download information and marketing material from a variety of sources, ranging from product and image brochures to eBooks and the customer magazine uptodate. Like journalists and specialists, they also have access to our official announcements, images and trade articles in our press area.

Natalie Leuwer:
But we are also active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. LinkedIn is the most important channel for us. This is where we provide information on our collagen peptides or publish articles on pharmaceutical or food topics and technical applications, in other words, everything that is relevant for our customers. We also use YouTube to present our videos and since 2018 we have had our own blog, the first in the industry.

Maintaining a blog takes a lot of time. Why does GELITA go to all this trouble?
Natalie Leuwer:
Our blog gives our experts the opportunity to have their say. They pick up on current topics that we cannot address via the website or specialist articles and that are too extensive for social media. We publish a new article at least every two weeks. Our blog is particularly popular with experts from the food, pharmaceutical and health & nutrition sectors who want to know more about the use of gelatine and collagen peptides. Of course, we also invite readers to exchange ideas with us.

Maria Morganti:
The popularity of the blog is reflected in the number of visitors, which is increasing by 20% each month.

What are some examples of the topics?
Natalie Leuwer:
We are currently working on contributions on the use of collagen peptides in the production of bars. In the blog, we examine the topic from a variety of angles, which results in a whole series. One article deals with bars and collagen peptides in general, the next with specific properties, and the following one focuses on the market situation. We also discuss scientific findings on the effects of collagen peptides. And sometimes we also take a critical stance, for example on the difference between gelatine and HPMC in the production of hard capsules, by questioning how natural HPMC really is.

GELITA Interview Natalie Leuwer

What role do social media play?
Maria Morganti:
As always, personal interaction with our customers or interested parties, such as at trade fairs or events, is the most important thing. Social media provide another opportunity for us to make contact and exchange information with followers.

What‘s the story behind the hashtags #Amazing-Collagen and #AmazingGelatine?
Natalie Leuwer:
Many people are amazed when they learn what our products can do because they have no idea how versatile collagen proteins really are. In short: Amazing!


How is the response in the social media?
Maria Morganti:
On LinkedIn we have over 13,000 followers without ever having placed an ad. On Facebook we already have a remarkable following of 24,000 subscribers. For a pure B2B manufacturer, that‘s something we can be proud of. More and more people are contacting us via the various channels. This of course spurs us on to become even better and continue to deliver exciting content that offers our followers added value!

Is this information only directed at GELITA customers?
Maria Morganti:
Our primary target group is companies, but of course consumers also read some of our articles on the effects of collagen peptides. This also arouses interest among end users, thereby promoting demand for our customers‘ products.

GELITA Interview Maria Morganti

Photos Mrs. Leuwer and Mrs. Morganti: Gelita

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