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Exhibition special – Natural Products Expo West

Amazing ingredients for the booming natural products market

GELITA Stern-Messe-special

With 86,000 visitors from 136 countries, Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim (USA) is the world’s largest trade fair for natural-based products. Since the event was postponed until March 2021 as a result of COVID-19, we provide an overview below of the main highlights of GELITA’s originally planned trade show appearance.


Bioactive Collagen Peptides® are among the absolute stars in GELITA‘s innovative product range. In the field of sports nutrition in particular, they offer a wide range of diverse benefits that are scientifically well documented and have been substantiated many times over.

Collagen peptides keep the body fit

GELITA‘s latest collagen peptide brand is TENDOFORTE® (see also report on page 20). These Bioactive Collagen Peptides® have been specially developed to strengthen tendons and ligaments as well as fascia tissue. With its unique mode of action, this clean label ingredient is particularly suitable for the booming sports nutrition market. In this segment, GELITA also offers BODYBALANCE® for body toning and increasing muscle strength, FORTIBONE® for a verifiable increase in bone mineral density, and FORTIGEL®, which has already been proven in many products, for the health and mobility of joints.

More beautiful skin, hair and fingernails

GELITA also offers collagen peptides for the beauty market that, due to their versatility, are ideally suited to a wide range of applications. VERISOL® collagen peptides have been specially optimized to promote firmer and smoother skin with fewer wrinkles and cellulite. It has furthermore been shown to contribute to healthier fingernails and improved hair structure (see also article on page 14). VERISOL® can be used in both liquid and solid products due to its excellent solubility. In order to demonstrate the innovative application possibilities, GELITA, in cooperation with a partner, has developed ”Sparkling Beauty“, a tasty carbonated beauty drink containing VERISOL®. GELITA sees itself as a provider of inspiration, committed to supporting product manufacturers in the development and implementation of innovative product ideas.

GELITA Sparkling beauty

With “Sparkling Beauty”, GELITA shows in an exemplary way how the product idea of a beauty drink can be implemented.

Added value for gelatine capsules

The gelatine specialties offered by GELITA for the administration of active pharmaceutical ingredients and nutritional supplements represent a completely different product category.

GELITA Versiol natural products

Skin, hair, fingernails – VERISOL® collagen peptides open up a wide range of possibilities for realizing innovative beauty products.

Manufacturers of gelatine-based forms of administration such as hard and soft capsules can use GELITA‘s solutions to easily determine when and where in the body their ingredients should be released or to improve their shelf life. For example, GELITA® EC enables the production of enteric-coated gelatine capsules that are resistant to gastric juice and only release their ingredients in the intestine. In addition to gelatine for capsules, GELITA also offers solutions for newer pharmaceutical applications such as fortified gummies. Because the variety of potential applications is so great, GELITA provides support for its customers in the area of product development by qualified GELITA specialists. You can find out more on the Internet at https://www.gelita.com/en/npew-20.

GELITA Gesunde Knochen und Gelenke

1 Body Toning

  • Increases lean mass
    and decreases fat mass
GELITA Bodybalance

2 Connective Tissue

  • Strengthens ligaments
    and tendons
GELITA Tendoforte

3 Joint Health

  • Recovers joint cartilage
    and reduces joint pain
GELITA Fortigel

4 Bone Health

  • Increases bone
    mineral density
GELITA Fortibone
GELITA Pharma-Gelatine

Products with added value: pharmaceutical gelatines from GELITA for hard capsules, soft capsules and fortified gummies.
Photo: apomares/istockphoto.com

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