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Exhibition special – Interzoo Nuremberg

Custom-made ingredients for advanced pet food

GELITA Stern-Messe-special

Interzoo takes place in Nuremberg every two years. The world’s biggest exhibition for the international pet industry usually attracts almost 40,000 trade visitors who find out about products and innovations for pets from some 2,000 exhibitors. GELITA had planned to participate for the first time this year to present its extensive portfolio of functional pet food ingredients.


Nowadays, pet owners spend significant amounts of money on feeding their pets. The market for pet food, for example, shows enormous growth rates year after year. GELITA aims to tap this market potential with innovative ingredients. The company offers fats, proteins and minerals as well as gelatine and collagen peptides for high-quality pet food and nutritional supplements.

PETAGILE® relieves joint complaints

A good example of this is PETAGILE®, an innovative active ingredient for the regeneration of joint cartilage in animals. PETAGILE®’s specially optimized Bioactive Collagen Peptides® promote the growth of articular cartilage, thus counteracting age- and stress-related joint wear. The product has already been developing highly successfully on the market for several years, because just like we humans, many dogs, cats and horses suffer from the wear and tear of joints and the associated pain and limited mobility. The effectiveness of PETAGILE® has already been validated in a range of clinical studies.

GELITA®FLEX increases process stability

Another innovative product from GELITA is GELITA®FLEX. Just like GELIPRO®BIND and GELITA®GELATINE, GELITA®FLEX focuses not only on protein supply, but above all on technical and functional properties.

All three ingredients serve to optimize the production process of pet food. GELITA®FLEX, for example, increases the stability of the extrusion process. This specialty of GELITA is soluble in cold water and has excellent properties as a binder and emulsifier. At the same time, GELITA®FLEX improves the shelf life of dry feed. The highly digestible protein can also be used to improve the flavor – and in so doing ensure that a food product for our four-legged friends flies off the shelves. An important argument for regular repeat purchases of the corresponding product!

Ingredients for better nutrition

Ingredients that enable manufacturers to improve the nutritional profile of their pet food make up another category at GELITA. GELIMIN® serves as an important natural provider of calcium and phosphorus. GELIPRO®DIGEST is an easily digestible source of protein with variously selectable crude protein contents. And GELIFAT® supplies high-quality animal fats with a low content of free fatty acids.

GELITA Gesunde Knochen und Gelenke

PHoto: Merbe/istockphoto.com

The GELITA quality guarantee:

  • Sustainably produced from natural, renewable raw materials
  • All ingredients exclusively from high-quality animal products
  • Raw materials obtained from only one species
  • Grain and gluten-free
  • Top quality thanks to state-of-the-art processing

With this wide variety of different ingredients, GELITA offers pet food manufacturers excellent opportunities to conquer new market niches. Those who prefer not to wait until Interzoo, which has been postponed until June 2021, can now contact GELITA directly (see box for contact person) or find out more about PETAGILE® at https://www.gelita.com/en/products/collagen-peptides/petagile.

GELITA Gesunde Knochen und Gelenke

Photo: StockImages_AT/istockphoto.com



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