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Exhibition special

Showtime: GELITA presents exhibition highlights

GELITA has a presence at about 20 major trade fairs and events all over the world every year - normally. But this year a global show stopper appeared in the form of the Coronavirus. However, if you can’t come to the trade fair, then the trade fair will come to you: in this issue of upto date we present the highlights that GELITA planned to present at shows in the first half of 2020.


Trade fairs are one of the most important communication tools for GELITA. “They give us the opportunity to engage very closely and comprehensively with our customers,” explains Oliver Wolf, Global Head of B2B Marketing at GELITA. “Trade fairs provide us with the best opportunity to arouse curiosity and interest in our solutions and to present innovative ideas”. Many of the company’s products, especially the new developments, are not yet or only partially known on the market. In addition, the expert for marketing continues, some of GELITA’s solutions require individual consulting in order for customers to benefit from their particular advantages. This is why GELITA often uses exhibitions to present innovative ideas and concepts with which customers can expand their product portfolio.

Support with concentrated know-how

“We advise food manufacturers proactively on the implementation of new product ideas in order to open up new market niches for them,” emphasizes Wolf, taking protein bars for the sports nutrition sector as an example of this: “Our collagen peptides enable us to easily produce bars with more than 60% protein. That would be difficult to achieve with other ingredients.”

This prototyping method often helps GELITA attract new customers at exhibitions. And is also the reason the booths of the global market leader for collagen proteins feature bundled expertise. “We are present on site with product developers, product managers and sales and marketing experts - in other words, with everyone who is able to provide our customers with competent support on a wide range of issues,” sums up Wolf.

On the following pages you can find out more about the trade fair programme planned for this year. An overview of current or newly scheduled trade fair appearances by GELITA can be found on the Internet at www.gelita.com/gelita-events

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“We advise food manufacturers proactively in order to open up new market niches for them.”

Oliver Wolf, Global Head of B2B Marketing at GELITA


Oliver Wolf
Tel. +49 (0) 6271 84-2194

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