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Study confirms: VERISOL® improves hair structure!

Verisol Haarstruktur
Verisol Haarstruktur

Much more than just cosmetics: thanks to VERISOL®, hair can be strengthened from within.


Healthy, full and strong hair is every woman’s and every man’s dream. But although there is an enormous variety of care products on the market, many people suffer from thin, brittle and dull hair. A recent study now shows that there is nevertheless an effective remedy for a strong hair structure. One that works from within.


“Beauty from within”: this is the slogan with which GELITA advertises the Bioactive Collagen Peptide® VERISOL®. Because unlike cosmetic products, VERISOL® works as a nutritional supplement from within. The positive effect on the health and appearance of skin and fingernails has been proven by a wide range of clinical studies over the past ten years. A new randomized, placebocontrolled study now shows that VERISOL® can also improve hair structure.

Hair thickness increases

The study was carried out on 44 healthy women aged between 39 and 75. They each received a daily dose of 2.5 grams of the specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides® VERISOL® or placebo for 16 weeks. At the end of the test period, it was found that the intake of VERISOL® led to a significant increase in hair thickness, while the placebo group even experienced a slight decrease. This confirms the benefits of VERISOL® for hair thickness – a key factor for healthy looking hair.

Hair metabolism improves

Previous studies have already shown that VERISOL® directly stimulates the extracellular matrix formation of the skin. The current study therefore additionally examined whether GELITA’s Bioactive Collagen Peptides® also have a positive influence on hair follicle cells and might promote their proliferation.

The in vitro test with VERISOL® showed a statistically significant increase in the proliferation rates of human hair follicle cells by 31% compared to untreated control cells. This indicates a positive effect of VERISOL® on hair metabolism.

The positive results of this new study open up a wide range of opportunities for VERISOL® in the development of innovative products for strong hair with an improved structure. Millions of people around the world would be delighted to take advantage of this opportunity, as healthy, strong hair is considered a key attribute of attractiveness.

A summary of the study is available on the Internet at https://bit.ly/2XJ0XSP.


Hair thickness in healthy women before and after 16-week oral supplementation with specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides® or placebo. The data represent the mean value + SE for n = 22.


Proliferation rate of human hair follicle cells after 4 hours incubation with 0.5 mg/ml BCP compared to untreated controls. The data represent the mean + SE for n = 48.


Photos: PIXOLOGICSTUDIO/Getty Images (Hair roots) - metamorworks/istockphoto.com (Hair) - GELITA (Picture of women)

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