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back on track
back on track GELITA

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Back on Track with
Bioactive Collagen Peptides®

Seven top athletes, seven different disciplines, one common insight: Bioactive Collagen Peptides® can help strengthen tendons and ligaments, reduce the risk of injury, and promote faster regeneration after injury. GELITA has summarized these positive experiences of sports professionals in a recent eBook that can be downloaded from the GELITA website.


Gavin Schilling is a German- American basketball professional from Chicago. At the beginning of the 2018/19 season he suffered a severe ankle sprain with three torn ligaments. “It was immediately clear to me that simple rehabilitation exercises and a rest period would not be enough to get me back on the court quickly,” the 23-year-old recalls. “I needed a boost to speed up the process.” It was during this time that Gavin started taking TENDOFORTE®. “Within just two months of starting to take a 10-gram supplement daily, I felt more strength and stability in my ankle,” he says. The basketball player reached full strength several weeks earlier than his doctors had predicted. His return to the team went quickly and smoothly.


Thanks to TENDOFORTE® was able to increase his vertical jump power by 28%.


Gavin Schilling

Gavin continued to take TENDOFORTE® during his off-season training, with amazing results: After four months of hard work he was able to report to his coaches that he had increased his vertical jump performance by 28% compared to the previous season. “Since then, I have continued to make TENDOFORTE® part of my daily routine, which makes the current season my best yet,” the basketball pro is pleased to report.

In top form with TENDOFORTE®

Gavin Schilling’s positive experiences with TENDOFORTE® have been shared by other professional athletes. German slalom skier Christina Ackermann, for example, who after many years of problems with her right knee, two operations and recurring pain, only returned to her top form with TENDOFORTE®. Or javelin thrower Thomas Röhler, Olympic champion in 2016 and European champion in 2018. Together with his trainer he is always looking for ways to optimize his muscles for maximum performance in javelin throwing. So Röhler started taking TENDOFORTE® during his training in the first half of 2018. “After only a short time, I felt more tension and energy in the movement sequence. In addition, I measurably increased my impulse power, which is very important in javelin throwing in order to achieve maximum distances”, reports the Olympic champion.

No surprise then that TENDOFORTE® was even voted ingredient of the year at the Nutra Ingredients Awards 2020 in the category Sports Nutrition. The award ceremony took place on 13 May as part of an online event. TENDOFORTE® won over the jury “as a truly unique innovation for the market”, which “enhances the performance of both active people and top athletes”.

The 12-page eBook with the positive experiences of a total of seven top athletes is available on the GELITA website at www.gelita.com/en/blog/ebook.


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