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One GELITA – together against Corona

Verisol Haarstruktur

“Our employees are highly motivated and do an excellent job. Despite reduced staffing levels, our logistics are working perfectly, we can dispatch all goods reliably.”

Arnold Köhler, Logistics Manager
at the GELITA Logistic Center in Sinsheim,Germany


With “One GELITA”, GELITA AG has in recent years created a culture of cooperation in the company – both within the teams and across departmental, location and country boundaries. This is particularly paying off now in the Corona crisis, which the employees are mastering with solidarity, flexibility and commitment.


Both management and employees at GELITA know exactly what challenges food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies have been facing since the beginning of the crisis. After all, as a leading global producer of gelatine and collagen peptides, GELITA itself is one of the companies that ensure the basic supply of food, pharmaceuticals and health products. So everyone at GELITA is, on the one hand, pulling together to protect their colleagues from infection with COVID-19 and, on the other, to ensure the reliable supply to customers around the world with all the ingredients they need.

Strict safety rules are in force at all GELITA locations and compliance with them is meticulously monitored. Employees in production wear protective masks, ensure that the prescribed minimum distances are observed and work separated by glass panels. Disinfection operations are part of the daily routine in many work areas. In some plants, shift models have also been changed to limit the number of people working at the same time to the minimum necessary and to reduce the number of encounters. Wherever possible, employees work entirely or partially from home.


Protective measures at GELITA: production with a mask, safely behind the glass pane.

Acceptance of the precautionary measures is just as high among employees as their willingness to provide mutual support. Here is just one example: at the beginning of the Corona crisis, there was a lack of protective masks for employees at the China plant. Without hesitation, the sites in Brazil and Mexico jumped in and provided their Chinese colleagues with a large number of full-face masks. Thanks to the close cooperation and willingness to stand in for others, GELITA has been able to reliably meet customer demand even in times of the Corona crisis. And this despite the fact that the volume of orders has increased exceptionally strongly since the beginning of the crisis.

one Gelita

Arturo Alvarez,
General Director Toluca

one Gelita

Erik Drabek,
Managing Director of
GELITA Do Brasil

one Gelita


“It is particularly noticeable in these challenging times that ONE GELITA is being lived and that everyone is pulling together.”

Andreas Kolb, Production Manager
at GELITA in Eberbach, Germany


Photos: Gelita AG

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