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Win-win relationship:
GELITA supports start-ups

The aim of a new GELITA initiative is to drive innovation even more strongly than before. With the “Startup Scouting Program”, GELITA plans to cooperate with young companies that are interested in expanding their innovation potential and using the resources of a strong company to do so. A win-win relationship for both the start-ups and GELITA.

Gelita supports start-ups

17 GELITA employees from different business areas worldwide belong to the company‘s start-up scouting team. They are based in Germany, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, China, New Zealand and Australia, and comb the Internet, trade journals and newsletters for promising, innovative start-ups. The team also uses events for networking. Even though it is primarily the task of the scouting teams, all GELITA employees keep an eye out for startups.

The close cooperation with startups gives GELITA the opportunity to gain insights into the latest technologies. GELITA can therefore learn more about innovative ideas that might help the company overcome challenges, address clear market needs and find new solutions for difficult market situations. “As with many companies, most of our innovations have come from an internal view of the company. What is often lacking is the view from the outside. This external view is one of the things we expect from our cooperation with the start-ups, but we also expect greater speed, because the start-ups have an advantage when it comes to swiftness,“ says Dr Franz Josef Konert, CEO of GELITA.

„If we can combine the strengths of startup companies with the strengths of a company like GELITA, a win-win situation results.“

Dr. Franz Josef Konert, CEO of GELITA

In return, GELITA offers start-ups the opportunity to drive forward their innovations at GELITA locations all over the world. GELITA contributes its knowledge of the industry. The world market leader in the production of gelatine and collagen peptides also provides start-ups with access to its markets, its customer base and financial support. All in all, GELITA supports start-ups in their growth and the successful implementation of their business strategy.



Key areas

Are you looking for a partner to shape the future? Are you a start-up working on solutions and potentials in one of the following strategic focus areas? Then send your application to GELITA.

Gelita foerdert start-ups

Customer experience
You develop superior services through customization, customer retention or customer loyalty programs.

Gelita foerdert start-ups

New business models
You generate growth opportunities by creating, delivering and identifying added value with innovative approaches.

Gelita foerdert start-ups

Product performance
You develop additional functions, improve usability and find new fields of application.

Gelita foerdert start-ups

Process and technology
You optimize production quality, increase efficiency and accelerate process automation.

Gelita foerdert start-ups

Supply chain
You build alliances, develop opportunities in the secondary market and facilitate cooperation between companies.

Gelita foerdert start-ups

The great unknown
Show us areas that we are not aware of and that have the potential to fundamentally change our business.

Are you interested in the
GELITA Startup Program?
You can find further information
here: startups.gelita.com

Or contact:
Nathalia Conte
Tel. +49 (0) 6271 84-2008

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