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Dear reader,


I hope that you are able to read this issue of our magazine in good health. So far, we have fortunately only had very few Corona cases at GELITA despite continuous production at all locations, and these have happily had a mild progression. For GELITA, reliable supplies, consumer protection and food safety have always played a major role. An approach that is becoming even more important in light of COVID-19. We take the current situation very seriously because GELITA belongs to those companies ensuring basic services. Just like our customers, we are part of crucial production chains and have a responsibility to ensure that the entire supply chain is maintained. We succeed in doing so because we have always cultivated long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers. Above all, however, we owe it to our employees, who work flexibly, with great commitment and in compliance with strict hygiene measures in our plants or from home to ensure that all processes run smoothly. This enables us to meet the demand for our products reliably.

GELITA products not only help ensure the basic food supply, they also play a decisive role in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and health & nutrition products. The collagen peptides VacciPro®, for example, were developed to stabilize vaccines and thus contribute to safe and effective vaccinations

But just as important: we miss you! At this time of year, we would normally have met you in person at trade fairs, events, customer visits or other occasions. None of this has been possible so far. It is very important for us to keep you up to date because, despite the challenging situation, GELITA has continued working on new developments, improvements and innovations. Since we are unable to present these to you personally, we have further intensified our digital communication. You can find important updates on our blog (www.gelita.com/en/blog/all) and our websites, we post regularly on LinkedIn, Facebook and other channels. Simply follow us and you will always receive the latest information. We have also already published more than 30 articles in international trade magazines.

This issue of uptodate is considerably more comprehensive than usual for a simple reason: we want to share with you as much as possible of what we couldn’t share personally before. This includes, for example, information on the Bioactive Collagen Peptide® VERISOL®. A new clinical study now reveals that VERISOL® not only has a positive effect on skin and fingernails but can also improve hair structure. Or TENDOFORTE®, our collagen peptide that was voted Ingredient of the Year in the Sports Nutrition category at the 2020 Nutra Ingredients Awards. It helps athletes to get back to top form.

While we’re on the subject of being informed: when reading uptodate you will notice that the magazine contains many tips on where to find additional information. Please use the links extensively and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will gladly answer your questions and are always open to suggestions.

As difficult as many things are at present, the Corona crisis has also had a positive effect: more people are cooking and baking at home again. Gelatine is essential for ensuring many recipes succeed. Maybe you’d like to try out some of the new recipes we present in this issue. We wish you every success with them. But above all, we hope that you come through these times well and securely.

Please stay healthy!

Michael Teppner,
Global VP Marketing & Communication

Stephan Ruhm

Michael Teppner,
Marketing & Communication

Photo: srg

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