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Edition July 2015

Interview Heinrich Schmidt, Global Vice President Procurement

“Through professional procurement we secure a competitive advantage for our company.”

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GELITA Innovative:
with Collagen peptides from GELITA

GELITA counts on growth
Collagen peptides from GELITA are in demand. So much that the company is continually expanding its headquarters in Germany. The most recent evidence: the investment in a spray dryer. The plant came on board in late May 2015.

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Gelatine in cancer research

Minimally invasive methods provide a gentle way to treat numerous diseases. But the navigation of the instruments is not without risk.
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Dear reader...

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GELITA product innovation:

Dogs in pain are stressed – depending on their character, they either withdraw or become aggressive. Frequently, so-called otitis externa, an inflammation of the external ear canal, is to blame.
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Global perspective: What the world eats

It is virtually undisputed that there is a connection between diet and a person’s health. Of course, genes and external factors also play a significant role in how we grow old – if these two factors are okay, the rest depends on food.
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GELITA Food Symposium 2015

Industry get-together of unconventional thinkers
To reveal interfaces between product categories and the variety of possibilities that result from it: That was the goal of the GELITA Food Symposium 2015.
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GELITA Trail Marathon Heidelberg,
„You can see”: coming soon
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Eberbach welcomes Sanofi

For the second time already in 2015, guests from Sanofi Central and South America visited the GELITA plant in Eberbach at the end of April. Together with journalists and doctors from their respective countries, Sanofi representatives obtained on-site information about the production of FORTIGEL®.
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